Beacon provides a broad menu of support services optimized for program design that support all our stakeholders, allowing our partners to best deliver their content and students to deeply engage their courses of study and get results


Orientation & Onboarding

Beacon’s team provides our partners all the orientation services they need to adeptly use the Beacon technology stack, optimize educational delivery, and engage with China-based students in their online programs. Students receive the same, preparing them to start right away with the software and expectations of their programs.

Technology Support

With full help-ticket functionality, faculty or students anywhere in the world have access to our teams so that they can get questions answered quickly, allowing our partners and students to focus on teaching and learning.


Academic Support

Beacon’s provides each program a unique set of resources to facilitate student learning. Content optimization for the Chinese market, program mapping, in-LMS student engagement, group study, and local event arrangement are all possible depending on the pedagogical design of the online course material.

Administrative Support

Students studying online want to feel a part of the university community, familiarize themselves with the resources available to them, and better understand how to interact with their faculty and cohort. Beacon provides this service locally in China to make sure that students best engage the content, their peers, and their studies.