Beacon’s tech stack is engineered from the ground up to optimize teaching and learning around the world. With a focus on speed, security, and stability, Beacon’s cloud-based platform personalizes learning through deep engagement and robust data analytics, redefining online education from inquiry to graduation.

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China SEO/Social Media Optimized CRM

To ensure our partners have the most advanced digital outreach platform, Beacon’s engineers built our CRM from the ground up to integrate directly with China’s most critical sites—in search, social media, and the relevant and ever-changing vertical media that target students engage.

Beacon’s CRM is the most advanced in China and provides instant feedback and analytics, funnel conversion data and recommendations, as well as integrated resources for our recruitment teams to directly connect with prospective students.



An LMS built for the needs of learners and educators around the world

Beacon’s LMS provides educational partners a robust toolset to design and optimize curricula, structure learning, and schedule content and assessments to meet their learning objectives. At the same time, students in China can engage with responsive material that is locally hosted and integrated with communication tools that learning to life.

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Robust communication tools support learning outcomes

Online learning improves upon in-class experiences by deploying advanced communication techniques that individualize instruction, provide feedback, and help educators contextualize their instruction for unique students as well as groups—all tools built into the foundation of Beacon’s LMS.



Synchronous instructional support, fully integrated with Beacon’s LMS

To fully engage students, instructors must be able to directly connect. Beacon has developed a world-class, integrated live teaching platform that is synced to the content deployed in the LMS, allowing for direct engagement and support whenever needed. Schedule live sessions, open office hours, generate group discussions, perform formative assessments, or collaborate in shared documents all in one place—Beacon’s live teaching platform supports it all and provides our partners the data to optimize teaching and learning to meet their goals.

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Watch the video below for a deeper introduction of our educational technology platform and toolkit: