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Beacon is China’s largest provider of online master’s degrees, partnering with the world’s leading universities to deliver a broad range of programs and resources. Our advanced marketing, recruitment, support, and analytics technology and services platform is a single-point solution for outstanding teaching and learning.


Here at Beacon, we have built a technology and services suite designed for anyone—university, organization, or individual—around the world to deliver high quality educational resources direct to China. Our vision:

The transformation of global education through a comprehensive, high-quality, and innovative online teaching and learning platform.

The efficient and effective development of knowledge and skills to help learners, educators, and employers prepare for the future of work.

The availability and accessibility of the world’s leading educational experiences through the power of the internet.

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At Beacon’s core is a cloud-based technology suite optimized for educators and students worldwide that personalizes recruitment, teaching, learning, and growth through deep engagement and analytics.

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Beacon’s team partners with targeted university degrees and programs around the world to deliver their educational experiences directly to China.


Beacon offers universities, students, and our corporate network partners a range of support services.  Everything from marketing, application, educational, proctoring, and career guidance can be handled by our uniquely qualified team. 

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Beacon’s teaching/learning platform is built based on a world-class cloud computing platform with data access and security a priority from the ground up.  We understand our partner schools feel the same way.  Adaptable to each university’s current platform requirements, Beacon holds those same standards for students and teachers. 

A World-Class Team for World-Class Educators

Beacon’s team is built to support our partners in all aspects of delivering their resources to China. Our deep knowledge of China—its market, students, and educational needs—combines with backgrounds from the world’s top universities and multinational companies, making Beacon an ideal partner to bring your resources to market in ways optimized for success.


Interested in learning more about ways to bring your resources to the vast and expanding China market, or just simply learning more about Beacon, our services, and our team? Reach out! We would love to hear from you.