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Partnering with the world's leading universities to bring their online degrees and programs to China’s students and corporations through our advanced online marketing, recruitment, support, learning, and analytics platform.


A Comprehensive Teaching & Learning Platform

Beacon recognizes that in order to deliver a high-quality educational experience, our partners need a comprehensive solution that unifies on-the-ground, 24/7 support services in local markets with a world-class technology platform. Beacon offers the chance for our partners to bridge the challenges in delivering online education using a unique combination of local and digital resources, all optimized to the specific program of study.

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Beacon’s team partners with targeted university degrees and programs around the world to deliver their educational experiences directly to China.


Beacon offers our partner universities, students, and corporations a range of support services.  Everything from marketing, application, educational, proctoring, and career guidance can be handled by our uniquely qualified team. 

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Beacon’s teaching/learning platform is built based on a world-class cloud computing platform and data access and security is of the utmost importance to our company.  We understand our partner schools feel the same way.  Adaptable to each university’s current platform requirements, Beacon holds those same standards for students and teachers. 

Accessing China

Online education is a rapidly expanding global force, enabling educators access to passionate working professionals who, with only internet access, seek to pursue unique and high-quality instruction. Beacon provides our partners the best connection between global education resources and China.