Working professionals, students, corporations, and schools all want content that meets their needs and Beacon helps all stakeholders understand how our partners’ programs meet those exact goals

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Study and Career Mapping

Beacon’s advising and placement services will help students in our programs identify their goals, map the ways that their target programs can achieve them, and support students through their studies to identify opportunities to utilize their education. Our team works with students from matriculation straight through graduation so that they can get the most out of the opportunity.



Advancing Skills & Roles

Students are looking to develop a unique educational background using online learning; working professionals are targeting career growth that is only possible with online development. Both groups need services integrated in their schools and corporations that track to these goals, providing avenues for progression that are only available through our partners’ programs.

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Location & Fit

Beacon’s team helps students identify new opportunities, new locations, and new trajectories that they might not otherwise have envisioned, provided by expectations and opportunities that develop from our partners’ programs.