Recruitment Optimized for China


Beacon generates program-specific marketing strategies that combine our unique national partnership network of corporations and schools with a targeted digital recruitment that yields students ready to enroll and learn.

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Digital Outreach and China SEO Channel Distribution

Beacon’s technology and team optimize content for Chinese distribution, taking the best of what our partners offer and aligning it with the templates, phraseology, and demographic targeting to identify, recruit, and yield students for specific programs.

Fully integrated with our CRM, Beacon’s recruitment teams are able to adjust campaigns rapidly to align with incoming analytics, giving our partners a huge advantage in China’s rapidly-evolving digital marketing ecosystem.

Social Media Engagement and Interaction Strategy

Beacon provides our partners a unique access point into Chinese social media by providing engagement opportunities that lead directly to student enrollments. Through content optimization, advertising template creation, and direct follow-up inquiry engagement, our team nurtures applicants thoughtfully across a range of platforms, giving students a holistic impression of programs that are mapped to their demographic, geographic, and behavioral identifiers.

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Direct Outreach to Identified Partners and Local Events

Great recruitment also means having local presence and Beacon’s team gives our partners just that—the chance to engage on the ground in China in the offices of our corporate and school partnership network.

This direct recruitment opportunity helps our partners become single-point solutions for those departments and schools that are looking for specific programs that meet their needs, amplifying program and partner recognition as well as creating distinct content optimization strategies.

Call Center, Direct Outreach, & Applicant Nurturing

Underpinning each marketing and recruitment campaign is Beacon’s recruitment team, who are deeply trained in all aspects of our partner programs, provide immediate outreach and feedback to recruits, nurture applicants through the process to increase yield, and engage recruits across social media, text, and mobile phones to maximize engagement and improve results.

Powered by Beacon’s best-in-class CRM, the power of our technology and team provides our partners all the infrastructure to achieve their program goals in China, bring in cohorts, and facilitate onboarding.

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