Online teaching and learning provides access to the most innovative educational experiences in the world and can help you develop the skills and practices necessary to succeed in a rapidly shifting future professional landscape.  The Beacon platform is easy to use, provides access to elite content and services, and connects you with valuable degrees and certificates that map onto your trajectory. 

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Administrative Support

Beacon’s administrative team will be available to answer questions and troubleshoot with the university as well as the students no matter where they are in the world.  Available 24/7 over WeChat, email, phone, and text, our team is here for our students.



Academic Support

We take learning seriously and so provide our students the academic support they need in a context they understand.  We provide in-country cohorts with groups of resources for both individual students and the team as a whole. 

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Career Guidance & Placement

Beacon offers career guidance throughout a student's time in his or her degree program so that all expectations about developing in a university’s program are accurate, skills and network growth pay off, and they see a trajectory from beginning to end through the program.